Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Got2B Beach Trippin' Salt Waving Spray

Sprays that promise to deliver "beach waves" are everywhere now but until recently, I was skeptical of them. These types of products were quite trendy a few years ago and while they were available at a range of price points, they all had one thing in common: They didn't work for me.

So until a few weeks ago, I'd been ignoring the latest wave of these products. Then, while browsing one day at Rexall, I saw Got2B's Beach Trippin' Salt Waving Spray for sale for around $7. At that price, I decided to give it a try.

According to Got2B, this spray uses "natural salts" to "infuse a deliciously rough texture and piecey waves." It's also, "Formulated with moisturizing ingredients so there’s no crunch."

Much to my surprise, I completely agree with all of these claims. As long as I did a few minutes worth of scrunching after spraying this product through my hair, I always ended with visibly wavier hair that did include those "piecey" style waves that you get after swimming in the ocean.

But while I got waves, I never was left with a crunchy, oily or otherwise gross texture nor did it weigh down my hair. This product also didn't add any frizz to my hair though it didn't tame existing frizz either.

While this product worked great (and simply) for me, I suspect that my hair type is a big reason why it was so successful. My hair is naturally straight and on the finer side and I think that those qualities make it easier for the spray to do its thing.

The price for this item varies, with selling it for under $6. Given its low price point, it's no surprise that the packaging is on the simple side: It's just a plastic spray bottle. But it works, just like the product inside of it.

Would I buy this product again: Yep!

Should you buy this product: If you want beach waves but don't have access to a saltwater beach, do give this a try.

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