Friday, August 7, 2015

My Bobbi Brown Makeup Counter Experience

One of the items that made up my July Bobbi Brown-themed Topbox was a certificate that entitled me to a makeup lesson at one of Bobbi Brown's Holt Renfrew-located makeup counters. As I had a wedding to attend on Saturday, I decided to redeem my certificate earlier that day at Holt's Yorkville location.

While I've had makeup lessons before, this was the first time I've ever experienced one in a department store. I have to admit that I was a bit concerned that I'd to be subject to some attitude for showing up with my certificate but nope, the ladies at the counter were all polite and attitude-free. The woman who did my makeup actually seemed happy to be working on me (I think it helped that things were on the quiet side at the store). 
My other concern was that my lesson would really be a sales pitch. A few different makeup lessons were available and I went with, "Long-Wear, Life-Proof," as I wanted my makeup to last until the end of the wedding. I expected that, as each product was applied, I would hear about how wonderful it was, as well as some advice on how to extend its wear.

But this didn't happen. In fact, the whole experience was less of a "lesson" and more of a free makeup application in which only a few (maybe three) were fully identified. And even when the products were named, they weren't accompanied by any sort of a sales pitch. 

While I suspect that most people would prefer this approach, I was actually a bit disappointed by it. OK, I didn't want to hear a sales pitch the whole time I was sitting there but I did want to hear about what products were being used and how. In particular, I was curious what about was happening with my eyes. While one of the products was named, the rest weren't and at no point were any techniques explained. I did ask about a couple of the products used on me and I did receive answers but for the most part, my lesson took place in silence. 

In person, it was much more pink &
the eyeliner was thick & dark.
I was also a bit disappointed by the end results. The eyeliner was too heavy for me while the lips and cheeks were too pink. I was given the option of purple or pewter for my eyes and I'm so thankful that I went with the pewter because the purple would have likely left me looking like a clown.

Thankfully, I was able to wipe away the pink lipstick and tone down the pink blush. I didn't touch my eyes because apart from the eyeliner, I liked how things look and I was worried that I'd just screw things up. But for a wedding, particularly one set in the country (which I did mention), it was all a bit too much.

I should note that this isn't the first time where a professional makeup artist has piled pink makeup on my face; I guess there's something about my colouring that just says "put lots of pink makeup on this girl."

However, while my makeup wasn't quite to my liking, it did last. I was particularly impressed by how well my eye makeup stayed in place. I thought that by the time the wedding was over, it would be noticeably faded but nope. While some of the pewter shimmer did make its way onto my cheeks, for the most part, my eyes looked the same at midnight at they did at 1pm, when they were first made up.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about my Bobbi Brown makeup counter experience. If I had paid for it, I likely would have spoken up and out about some of the choices made but since it was free, I feel that I can't complain too much.

It also left me a positive impression of Bobbi Brown products. So I didn't like how some of them were applied; they were long wearing and they did deliver whether it was on coverage or pigmentation. I'm particularly impressed by the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick, the Skin Foundation Stick and the Vitamin Enriched Face Base. I might have to give some of those items a closer look.

The certificate also entitled me to a free sample of one of Bobbi Brown's makeup removers however, the counter was all out. So instead, I was given a sample of the line's Smokey Eye Mascara. I already received this item in my Topbox but that's OK, I can always use another mascara. 

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