Friday, January 22, 2016

Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch Review

A sign that you have too many beauty products: By the time you get around to trying something out, it's discontinued. At least, I think that Eyeko has discontinued its Hydrogel Eye Patch. I can't find it listed on its website (though it used to be on there) and several online retailers list it as not available. However, some shops (including this one) do still offer it so I figure that I might as well review this product; maybe Eyeko will bring it back.

As a new mom, my under-eye skin is in rough shape. It's puffy, it's dark and the face brightener that I've been using isn't having the impact that I had hoped it would have. So a product that promises to "instantly illuminate and hydrate" and to deliver "a wide-awake look" sounds perfect for me.

The slick, comma-shaped patches are a good size and completely covered my under-eye areas. Once on, the patches initially felt cold but soothing. And while they didn't feel sticky, they adhered quite nicely to my skin, which allowed me to move my head without having to worry about the patches sliding off.

However, at around 15 minutes, they started to feel slightly uncomfortable on my skin, even a bit itchy around the edges. Eyeko says to leave the patches on for 30 minutes and I did that, despite the uncomfortableness. Thankfully, while the patches felt a bit irritating, they didn't actually irritate my skin.

Each patch is soaked in a fluid that Eyeko says contains a, "concentrated botanical blend with vitamin B and fruit extracts." Supposedly this combination works in, "visibly diminishing the appearance of dark shadows and puffiness, leaving skin hydrated and firm."

I found that these patches did visibly reduce the puffiness under my eyes and did pump that area full of hydration. My skin looked refreshed and improved however, the dark shadows were definitely still there. I suspect that if they were on the mild side, they would have vanished or at least been visibly reduced. But right now, they are too dark to be addressed by these eye patches.

As I mentioned above, this product appears to have have been discontinued. But some online retailers do still offer it including Dermastore, which sells it for $18 USD for two sets of patches. The bag-style packaging is simple but appropriate, with each bag containing one pair of patches.

Would I buy this product: No.

Should you try this product: If your goal is to hydrate your under-eye skin and decrease puffiness, you might want to give the eye patches a chance (assuming you can track this item down). But don't turn to them if you're looking to brighten up dark shadows.

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