Friday, January 15, 2016

Pur-lisse Pur-delicate Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser Review

Dear Canadian stores that sell facial cleansers, can you one of you please stocking Pur-lisse's Pur-delicate Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser? It appears that I can only buy it online and I really hate buying beauty products online, especially from US retailers.

So as you might have guessed from my introductory paragraph, I'm a big fan of this cleanser, which I received as a Christmas gift (thanks Santa!). Prior to receiving it, I'd never heard of Pur-lisse, a California-based company that describes itself as blending, "traditional Chinese beauty rituals of yesteryear with today’s French skincare technology" to create "superior age prevention, healing hydration and skin-soothing products." But after using this cleanser for the past three weeks, I would love to check out what else this brand has to offer.

Pur-lisse describes this item as a " mild soap-free, non-foaming cleanser" that this also a "4-in-1" product. It supposedly uses a "gentle, non~irritating blend of soy milk, soy proteins, whole oat and white tea" and blue lotus extract to cleanse skin of dirt and makeup (including mascara) while calming and soothing it, leaving one's face "touchable and silky soft, without a trace of impurity."

I found that this cleanser accomplished almost all of those claims. Since I started using it three weeks ago, my skin has never looked better. It's hydrated, healthy and hasn't suffered from a single pimple. Even the number of clogged pores/blackheads in my skin has been noticeably reduced.

Besides looking great, my skin also felt great. This silky, creamy-feeling cleanser washed off cleanly and always left my face feeling refreshed and yes, very touchable.

The one area where this cleanser did fail? It wasn't that great at taking off mascara or heavy eye makeup and as a result, I had to use an eye makeup remover alongside this product. But given this cleanser's other results, I can overlook that.

Another nice feature of this product is the scent. It's a delicate, soapy scent that I quite liked. It doesn't linger but that's probably for the best.

As I mentioned above, it seems like this cleanser is only available online. Pur-lisse sells it directly for $36, which is a bit on the expensive side but then for that price, you get an effective product. It's just a shame that for that price, the packaging's not a little nicer. Sure, a plastic squeeze tube is practical but it could be made a bit prettier.

Would I buy this product: Yes.

Should you buy this product: If you're OK with still needing to use a separate eye makeup remover, then yes.

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