Thursday, March 24, 2016

Teeez Read My Lips Lipstick Review

"Highly pigmented" is one of those terms that makeup brands love to use. Unfortunately, how "high" is "highly" really varies. Sometimes "highly" seems more like "mediocre." But then a product like Teeez's Read My Lips pops and "highly pigmented" turns out to be an understatement.

My shade, Roulette Red, provided me with an intense burgundy colour that made my lips pop. I usually prefer lip products that are glossy as shine makes my skinny lips look plumper, but this lipstick managed to achieve that even though it has a "satin, matte finish."

Thanks to its highly pigmented formula, this lipstick made my lips look full, defined and packed with colour. And that's a very good think because while Teeez says that this is a long-lasting product that provides "color that lasts for up to 8 hours." I didn't quite experience that.

Instead, I found that this lipstick easily transferred to glasses, food and skin. However, because it's so packed with pigments, I could eat a whole meal and the colour level would still be at a seven or even an eight (though mind you, it did start at a 10). Still, somewhere between hour three and four, the colour would visibly fade, sometimes quicker if I was consuming a lot of liquid.

Teeez states that this lipstick contains coconut oil extract to "nourish and hydrate the lips." Personally, I didn't find this to be a hydrating product. While I agree with Teeez that this lipstick has a "smooth, ultra creamy texture" it glided on easily, leaving behind just the right amount of colour— it had no impact on my lips' moisture levels. However, it also wasn't drying. Instead, once the colour went on, it felt like my lips were bare (but it certainly didn't look it).

One nice surprise about this lipstick is that it smells fantastic. It's a luxurious scent that reminds me of high quality makeup, moisturizers and something I can't quite name.

The Teeez website only lists one colour option for this lipstick, a pretty, light pink colour called Killing Me Softly. But I have it in a red so this product can be purchased in a least two colours.

This lipstick retails for $22USD via Teeez's online store. If that was $22 CAD, I'd say that price was about right but the exchange rate puts this product on the expensive side. The packaging is nothing special, just a long, plastic tube though the artwork on it is fun. While The Bay does sell Teeez, it doesn't appear to offer the Read My Lips line.

Would I buy this product: Maybe if I could get it on sale.

Should you buy this product: Sure, just be prepared to leave a mark.

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