Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Smashbox Always On Lipstick Review

"Sure," I thought sarcastically as I read the product description for Smashbox's Always On lipstick, "This item will leave me looking '...as fresh and flawless as your first swipe—for up to 8 hours'." Containing "Advanced Polymer Technology," this line is supposedly,  "...smudge-proof, budge-proof and non-feathering."

I was very skeptical but then I applied this lipstick and became a believer. Well, mostly a believer. There were a handful of times when this lipstick ended up on a glass and then there was that time I applied too much and the excess kept getting on my teeth. But for the most part, this product stayed firmly on my lips for hours, even through eating, drinking and my terrible cuticle chewing habit. And while I wouldn't say it was "budge-proof," it never feathered on me and I didn't have any issues with it smudging.

This is definitely one of the more impressive lip products I've come across in regards to staying power and while you probably want to touch it up at least once during the workday, you don't need to reach for it more than once.

Impressive staying power isn't this lipstick's only selling feature. According to Smashbox, "...this liquid matte formula..." is "featherweight but fierce..." and uses "lip-smoothing Primer Oil complex for suede-soft lip color." I agree with all of this.

This lipstick delivers a ridiculous level of pigmentation. It's bold, it's vivid and it's a true matte; there's not even a hint of shine with this product. My lipstick is in Dream Alert, a super flattering pink shade that has just the right amount of brown in it for my pasty girl complex. But while the colour looks heavy, this is a very lightweight product that left my lips feeling smooth though not particularly soft.

There is one downside to all this colour: You need to know how to properly apply it or else you risk ending up with a clown mouth. And because this lipstick stays in place so well, even the smallest slip up means bringing out the makeup remover (it also means that you'll need to bust out the makeup remover at the end of the day). I don't usually use a lip liner but this is one of those lipsticks that pretty much demands it.

Always On is available in 20 colours that range from predictable pinks and browns to an orange and even a grey. Retailing at Sephora for $24, this lipstick is simply but attractively packaged. It comes with a sponge applicator that allows for fairly precise application, as long as your hand is steady.

Would I buy this product: I would certainly consider it.

Should you buy this product: If you want a long-lasting, matte lipstick, you want this product.

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