Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Make Up For Ever HD Ultra Pressed Powder Review

Let's start with a disclaimer: I received my full-size sample of Make Up For Ever HD Ultra Pressed Powder for free from the company. But despite that, I'm not going to give a flattering review to this item simply because I got it for free.

No, I'm going to give this product a great review because it's an excellent product that works. According to MUFE, this item is "...a finishing powder that gives a light matte effect and a smooth luminous finish." It "...combines synthetic mica, silicone powders and silica to instantly blur fine lines, pores and imperfections for a beautifully smooth complexion." And while it was designed " look invisible on 4K camera..." it also it supposed to look invisible to "...the naked eye."

This super-fine powder left my skin looking and feeling like silk. I tested it over my foundation, my BB cream and just on its own. The last two scenarios is where it really shined since my foundation already does a great job of hiding imperfections and giving me smooth skin. But when used over the lightweight coverage of a BB cream, or over my bare skin, this powder clearly blurred flaws while smoothing and softening my appearance. It also matted out any shine and while it doesn't fight shine as effectively as MUFE's Super Matte Loose powder, it does an admirable job that I think will work for most people on most days.

This product comes in three shades. The one I used is called Translucent though in its packaging it looks quite white. And as I found out, if you are too generous with this powder then yes, you will end up looking a bit ghost-y. But as long as you don't heap it on, that white colouring won't appear on your face. Thankfully, this powder blends easily so any issues with excess product are quickly resolved.

According to MUFE, the Translucent shade works on any skin tone while Banana is designed, "to finish a medium complexion or to add warmth to a fair complexion" and Peach in intended "to finish tan complexions and to add warmth or create a natural contour in medium complexions."

At $45 this product isn't cheap but it is one that will last you for months since just a pinch is needed to set makeup and make shine vanish. I do though wish that for that price, some kind of mini-kabuki brush could have been included with the packaging. That addition would have made this product a must-have item for your bag.

Would I buy this product: Yes, it's my new go-to finishing powder.

Should you buy this product: Yes but be prepared to have to supply your own applicator.

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