Friday, August 4, 2017

L'Oreal Hydra Genius For Normal to Oily Skin Review

I'm a big fan of matte skin so I was thrilled when a sample of L'Oreal's Hydra Genius for Normal to Oily Skin showed up in my April Topbox. With claims like "Excess shine is reduced" and "Skin looks mattified and fresh," this sounds like the perfect product for me. I wanted to use it right away but I knew that if I tried it out in April, I'd be wasting my sample. So instead I held on to it until July, the sweaty month.

"Inspired by Korean technology," L'Oreal states that this moisturizer is, "...a boost of water for the skin, continuously refreshing it with hydration."  I only had enough product to use this product each morning for a little less than a week so I can't comment on the company's claim that, "Skin feels softer and more supple. After 4 weeks."

But I can comment on the texture. L'Oreal claims that, "This formula is air light and glides on easily for quick absorption, leaving skin feeling refreshed and mattified." And yeah, it really did absorb like, well, air. It also left my skin looking really matte. Maybe a little too matte.

Supposedly with this product, "Skin appears less shiny, looks healthier and more beautiful." But while my skin did look less shiny, it didn't exactly look healthy. In fact, it looked a little plastic-y and almost mask like, and not in flawless kind of way. To be clear, my face didn't feel mask-like, it actually felt quite hydrated and happy. But I looked like I should be in pain when I wrinkled my forehead.

And while this gel definitely mattified my skin, it wasn't great at keeping my matte. Within an hour, shine had started to creep back on my face.

I also wasn't wowed by this product's hydration powers. It didn't have much impact on any existing dry patches though it did keep any new ones from developing.

Retailing at around $20, this isn't exactly a cheap item. But at least that price does get you a decent packaging: An attractive pump that will protect your product while looking nice on your shelf.

Would I buy this product: No.

Should you buy this product: If you're trying to achieve matte, mask-like skin then this is the product for you.

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