Monday, December 5, 2016

Dove Quench Absolute Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Dove's Quench Absolute line is designed "for dry, wavy, curly hair." While my hair can be dry and it does have a bit of a wave to it, it doesn't have any curls. Despite that, I decided to give Dove's latest line a try because it's all about delivering hydration to create nourished, manageable hair, qualities that I definitely want my hair to have.

Dove's Quench Absolute shampoo and conditioner are supposed to be used alongside the line's Supreme Crème Serum. I did use all three products together but since I'm still using the serum, I'll give it its own separate review.

According to Dove, the Quench Absolute line uses "...nutrients, proteins and rare Buriti Oil, which is naturally rich in Omega-9" to " smooth away frizz, strengthen hair against breakage and lock in nutrients." The result is that "... 80% of women agree – this shampoo and conditioner leaves you with beautifully bouncy, defined and more manageable curls for three days."

In addition to not being able to comment on how these products impact curls, I also can't comment on Dove's claim that using the shampoo and conditioner together results in " manageability for up to three days" because I wash my hair roughly once every 48 hours. But I can say that this duo does deliver instant manageability that lasted until my next hair wash. Together, these two products and the serum left me with hair that was easy to comb and style.

The three-step system also left me with soft, shiny hair that looked and felt great. It didn't solve my frizziness issues but then I was using a deluxe sample that only last me four washes. Perhaps using this line for longer would yield smoother hair.

This duo also left my hair clean. It lathered up nicely and then easily and completely rinsed away. The scent also didn't linger, which is a good thing as I wasn't crazy about it. While there is a sweet note, there's also one that's almost musky. It's a bit odd and while I can see how some people would like it, it's just not for me.

Like all Dove products, these ones are reasonably priced at around $7. The packaging is your typical plastic shampoo and conditioner tube but there's nothing wrong with that since it works and lets you squeeze out almost every drop of product.

Would I buy these products: Probably not but that's only because there are so many great shampoos and conditioners out there.

Should you buy these products: If you have dry, wavy or curly hair, give this line a shot. At minimum, it should give you clean, shiny hair.

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