Monday, October 11, 2010

L’Oreal Sale

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Alright, now on to today’s blog. Instead of reviewing a product I want to tell you about this amazing sale I went to on Saturday. It was put on by L’Oreal Canada and was basically a very well-organized warehouse-like sale that had products by L’Oreal, Biotherm, Vichy, Garmier, Matrix, Maybelline and over half a dozen brands at up to 90 percent off.

Wondering why you’ve never heard of this event before? Then it’s because you, like me, don’t have direct access to tickets for it. This is a ticketed event but you can’t buy tickets (at least not from L’Oreal) for it. Instead, L’Oreal gives out tickets to major employers and unions who then somehow distribute them to their employees.

I only had a ticket because my cousin was able to get one from her employer. She had been before with her mother, who would from time-to-time get them from her union, and according to my cousin, this year’s sale was just as good as in previous years.

We went on the last weekend of this 10-day event so I thought it would be picked over but nope, there was still lots to choose from and while most of it wasn’t at 90 percent off, I would say that the majority of items were on sale for 40 percent or more.

For example, I saw a L’Oreal eye shadow set that I’d bought two weeks ago at Shoppers for around $13, on sale for $4.50. There was a quite of selection of high quality hair products, stuff that goes for at least $18 in a salon on sale for $8 and then there was the perfume set.

My cousin was busy buying Christmas gifts and if you know what scents someone likes, this is definitely the place to buy perfume sets since they were going for at least 50 percent off.

There was also a ton of high-end anti-aging products on sale as well as lip sticks, foundations, moisturizers, I could go on and on.

Considering the selection, I have to say that I showed amazing restraint and came while below the $700 purchasing limit (though there were some people there who I think were cutting it close).

Apparently these sales are held at least twice a year and I’m hoping I can get a ticket to the next one. Yeah, it was up in an industrial park in North York and yes, it was a bit crowded but these were both small inconveniences considering the great deals that were to be had. I have heard that some people do sell their tickets online. Hmmm...

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