Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vinny Massimo’s Pizza & Pasta

Last night I tried a slice of pizza from Vinny Massimo’s Pizza & Pasta on Queen. St. W. for the first time.

Now, before I go any further, I should be up front about two things:
  1.  What I really wanted to eat last night was poutine from Poutini’s but the line-up was so long that we decided to go with pizza instead.
  2.  It was Nuit Blanche and Queen St., as well as Massimo’s, was crazy busy and while the restaurant appeared to be sufficiently staffed, maybe the crowds were keeping it from being on it’s A game.
And maybe the Nuit Blanche crowds were why my slice of margherita was so cheap on the cheese, like the restaurant was worried it might not have enough cheese to last the night.

Two things my pizza weren’t cheap on was basil and garlic. Generally I’m fine with both of those ingredients but on this slice, in the quantities they were at, they were just nasty, like I couldn’t-finish-my-slice nasty. My slice was also lukewarm (it went straight from the pan to my plate, no over warm up like at most places).

Shawn had better luck with his pepperoni slice but there’s no way I could stomach it. I’m not a meat eater but will make the occasional exception for pepperoni pizza; I tell myself that the pepperoni slices are mostly spices and salts so it’s OK.

But there was no getting away with that lie with how Massimo’s does its pepperoni pizza. Yes, it contains the usual, regular round slices of pepperoni but it also had pink strips of meat that were just repulsive to a non-meat eater like myself. But if that’s your thing you might very well enjoy Massimo’s pepperoni slices.

On the plus side, the slice was huge, appropriately priced ($4. 50 I think) and the crust was thin and crispy. And while there was some grease, it wasn’t Big-Slice greasy.

There are many people out there who do love this pizza. Read this BlogTO post (and the comments) for more insight.

Would I buy this again: No
Should you buy it: Not the margherita

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