Sunday, October 31, 2010


As some of you already know, I have another blog (one that’s slowly wrapping up) that’s about getting married. In today’s post, the two blogs collide as I’m going to review Vistaprint, the online company we used to create our custom thank-you postcards.

Our postcards arrived on Friday, a full week ahead of schedule and as I say in this post, we’re quite happy with them. OK, so the paper quality could have been higher but it is what I expected to get considering that I paid $30 for 100, glossy, coloured cards.

In this early post, I describe the actual postcard creation and buying process and both were quite smooth and user-friendly. The only annoying part came during checkout when we had to skip past page after page of postcard-matching, personalized crap (like business card holders) before we could actually place our order (though to be fair, some of the offered items, like magnets or even coffee cups, might appeal to some).

For me, Vistaprint’s biggest problem is that it’s too aggressive. Once you sign up for an account, be prepared to be bombarded with newsletters. Yes, you can unsubscribe and not lose your account but still, maybe I would like to hear about when Vistaprint’s having a sale, just not every other day.

But other than that, I can’t complain. The prices are great, the product choices are almost endless, there are multiple shipping options and Vistaprint does send you what you exactly what you ordered.

And hey, maybe someone out there really does need a business card holder with her face on it.

Would I buy this again: I would order from Vistaprint again
Should you buy it: If it offers a product you want, go for it

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