Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cover FX Natural FX Water Based Foundation

You may have heard of the Cover FX brand; it was originally developed at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital to cover scars left by burns, surgery and other nasty events.

It’s quite the story that’s led to quite the product, one that’s not cheap (the stuff I’m reviewing runs about $37 for 30 ml) but that’s well worth the price.

I’ve been using  Natural FX Water Based Foundation for close to a year now and while I wouldn’t call it a miracle product (that would be something that could somehow cover up raised pimples and other 3-D flaws) it’s definitely an amazing one. Small pimples, uneven skin tone, bruises, veins, scratches and other flaws can all be “erased” with this two-in-one concealer/foundation.

One of the reasons why it covers so well is that it’s more heavily pigmented than your typical foundation. This also means that you can do a lot more with less, allowing you to really stretch the life of this product (I can get about three-four months out of a bottle and that’s with almost daily use).

The downside to this quality is that it’s easy to go overboard with this foundation and end up with a “mask-y” face so apply it with a light hand.

Surprisingly though, Natural FX doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a mask; it really does have a “natural”, lightweight feel to it.

I would strongly recommend wearing this foundation over a good primer. It does “fill in” large pores, lines and other facial indentations and while this looks great at a distance, close-up, under the wrong lighting, it can look makeup-y. Also, a primer will give this foundation more staying power.

If you have serious scarring, acne issues or rosecea you’ll probably want to check out the original Cover FX line since it’s intended to cover up those types of issues but for most people, the cheaper Natural FX line, which does include a SPF 15 in it, will work just fine.

While you can order the Natural FX Water Based Foundation off the company’s website, you can also get it at Shoppers, which occasionally offers big Optimum bonuses for buying the brand. I’ll be sure to let you know if I see any ads up for that promo.

Would I buy this again: Yes
Should you buy it: If you often use fondation, yes

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