Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cover FX Bonus Days at Shoppers

So the other day I did a review about Natural FX foundation where I mention how Shoppers sometimes runs Optimum point bonus promos for the whole Cover FX line. Well, one of those promos kicked off on Friday.

From November 6 until November 20, you can get 3,500 extra points when you spend $50 or more on Cover FX products (and trust me, it’s easy to hit $50 with this stuff).

The only catch is that you need to have a coupon. I saw it in yesterday’s Toronto Star, in the Weekend section. If you don’t have a copy, I have feeling that it’ll run again in next Saturday’s Star too (I checked Shopper’s site and there was no sign of the coupon on there).

This weekend is a spend-$75-or-more-on-cosmetics and get 20 times the times so if you need to do a makeup run, now’s the weekend to do it.

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