Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review of the 2010 Umbra Factory Sale

I don’t know if things just got really picked over during Friday’s friends and family’s presale or if Umbra really lowered its production levels over the past year but the 2010 edition of the Umbra factory sale was a bit sad.

Only the neon versions
of this item are available
at the factory sale
There was tons of garbage bins, drapery stuff like rods and “collage”-type picture frames (you know, the ones like this that showcase a bunch of photos). And there were some fun items like a magnet key panel/letter holder, crazy clocks and wall decorations.

But unfortunately, matching bathroom accessories were scarce as were simple picture frames and clever, but non-flashy, kitchen stuff. Larger items like furniture were virtually completely absent (though we did see one early-bird carry out a table) and overall, a lot of what was available was very “trendy” or colour/material-specific (in other words, it would be hard to just grab an item and integrate it into your existing décor).

The sale wasn’t short on attendees though. Because we were after something specific (a bunch of simple 5x7 picture frames), we went earlier than usual and ended up in a giant, 40-minute-wait line as a result.

The crowd should be less crazy tomorrow, especially after noon, but if you plan on heading down to the Direct Energy Centre then, be prepared for things to be picked over.

We did get a few things including the picture frames (they weren’t quite what I was imagining but they’ll do) and this great shower caddy thing so I can’t say the sale was a waste of our time. And just like in past years, the prices are great (I think everything is at least half price). But the product mix was disappointing and I have to say that unless for some reason we need some new picture frames or garbage bins, I don’t think we’ll be going back next year.

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