Thursday, December 9, 2010

Umbra Factory Sale

Getting ready people, the Umbra factory sale is this weekend. Some key info below.

And some other key info:
  •  This sale generally offers lots of picture frames/other things that display photos, curtain rods, clocks, garbage pails and various bathroom accessories like soap dispensers and Kleenex box covers (and yes, you can put together a matching set of bathroom accessories)
  • I have seen products like outdoor chairs and other bigger/flashier items offered but these things tend to go fast 
  •  They go fast because they are really, really good deals. One year, we bought two chairs that normally sell for $90 a piece for $30 each
  • While we only got two of those chairs, we saw one group of people buying a dozen of them. Things get crazy like that
  •  They get so crazy that mini-Umbra cities get set up on vacant bits of ground. People will literally pile their stuff/carts together and then leave some of the group behind to guard the pile while the others go out and forge for other deals
  •  Because things are rather chaotic/the stuff’s just tossed in big boxes, items do get banged up so looked them over before you go to the till (there’s no refunds)
  • Do bring: Comfortable shoes, a list of what you need to buy/who you need to buy for, cash (I believe you get a discount if you pay in cash), your “gentle guidance” elbows (to gently guide people out of the way)
  •  Don’t bring: Friends/family members who don’t deal well with chaos/post-Apocalyptic-type crowds, warm clothing, children

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