Sunday, January 9, 2011

Props to Photobook Canada

Back in November, I posted a review about Photobook Canada. At that point in time, I’d ordered four books, in two shipments, from the company and I was fairly pleased with the end result.

Then in December, I ordered one last Photobook. This one was similar to the others, but with a few extra pages in it and was intended to be mine and my husband’s wedding album.

Creating and ordering the book was once again smooth and easy and the book arrived as scheduled, roughly three weeks after I ordered in. Unfortunately, the quality of this book wasn’t quite as strong as the other ones I’d ordered.

Three of the corners along the spine were beat up and what looked to be small air pockets had gotten between the layers that made up the cover photo. Then on the inside, some of the pages that had a black background had random specks of colour on them.

I wasn’t thrilled by these flaws but since the actual images were fine and this book was for me, I was going to let them slide.

Then last weekend I discovered that the part of the back cover was “bubbling”, a problem I worried would eventually impact both covers and basically ruin the book.

So I took some pictures and sent them along with a complaint letter to Photobook Canada. Impressively, it got back to me the following day and by Thursday, I was told that a new book was being printed and sent out to me. Now that’s customer service!

Not surprisingly, the Photobook rep I was dealing with didn’t comment on the actual flaws in my book. But Is suspect they were the result of the company having to deal with a ton of pre-Christmas orders (there was a 40% sale going on).

Despite this hiccup, I still plan on using Photobook for future projects, including, hopefully, my honeymoon pics.

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