Friday, January 7, 2011

Biotherm Biosenses Nutrition Nourishing-Fortifying Body Balm

I’m a sucker for an amazing smelling, velvety smooth body lotion and Biotherm Biosenses Nutrition Nourishing-Fortifying Body Balm certainly fits that description.

This stuff has a faint citrus scent that just makes you want to eat it. That smell is due to this body cream’s use of orange and grapefruit essential oils, which are high in skin-improving vitamin C.

The cream also contains “trace minerals”, which is also supposedly great skin. And based on my results with this product, maybe they really are.

This stuff doesn’t just smell nice, it also “nourishes” your skin and it does it in style. The rich, velvety texture really makes this feel like a luxury product and it absorbs quickly, immediately making your skin feel great.

The only downside to this body balm is that it can be hard to find. I bought my 200 ml container last fall at the L’Oreal sample sale (it was a Christmas gift to myself so I just cracked it open a couple of weeks ago) and I’m getting the impression that this product has been discontinued in Canada.

It is though for sale at several online beauty shops for around $25 US (I paid $19.50 CAN and that was supposedly at least half price). I’m hoping that its disappearance is just a temporary thing and that it’ll back in stores soon (or even better, back at the L’Oreal discount sale).

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