Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dove Ultimate VisiblySmooth Anti-perspirant

Back in January, an offer from BzzAgent arrived in my inbox: The chance to try and review Dove Ultimate VisiblySmooth anti-perspirant. I jumped on this as soon as I read the details because I’m an avid user of Dove’s regular anti-perspirant and I really wanted to try this product out.

Luckily, I was picked and a couple weeks later, a box arrived containing two full-sized sticks, one in “nature fresh” and the other in “wild rose”.

What’s supposed to set this product apart from Dove’s other anti-perspirants, and other anti-perspirants, is that it “helps minimize the visual appearance of hair over time”, thanks to something called “pro-epil complex.”

So does it work? Does regularly using this product really reduce armpit hair growth? Sadly, not in my experience.

This really disappointed me because I know that there are lotions out there that, with regular use, do reduce hair growth. So I’m not sure why this anti-perspirant didn’t deliver on its hair minimizing claim. Maybe the ingredients that do the trick in those other lotions don’t work inside an anti-persiperant (hence the creation of “pro-epil complex”)?

On the plus side, I did find that these sticks did meet their claims that they “smooth and condition underarm skin”. Unlike with some other anti-perspirants, this one didn’t dry out my skin. Same thing goes for the original version of this product; both types are kind to my skin and go on quite cleanly, no stickiness, flakiness or goopyness.

I also found that Dove anti-perspirant was kind to my clothes. I’ve had no issues with yellow staining and the only times I get white marks are when I accidently wipe the stick head against my clothes.

But most importantly, both versions are great at preventing sweating. A quick glide of the stick under each arm and you should be good for the rest of the day, even if you’re dancing, working out or walking around a tropical island on a hot humid day.

Despite the fact that Dove Ultimate VisiblySmooth anti-perspirant didn’t deliver on its primary claim, I still plan on using the products from the Dove anti-perspirant line because really, they do do exactly what an anti-perspirant should do, and then some.

Plus I like how they have light, nearly non-noticeable scents.

Would I buy this again: Yes
Should you buy it: Yes, just be realistic about the whole hair minimizing claim

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