Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Chocolateria's Chocolate-dipped Potato Chips

If you read such publications as Toronto Life, BlogTO or Eye Weekly, you may have read about Roncesvalles’ Chocolateria, and its much-hyped chocolate-dipped potato chips.

While I’ve had a few items from the Chocolateria, including some rich, delicious dark chocolate almond bark, and a cup of so-so hot chocolate, I hadn’t tried the chocolate-dipped potato chips until this weekend. So are they worth the hype?

Not completely.

Now, to be clear, the chocolate-dipped potato chips are in no way “bad”. Husband and I bought our bag yesterday and by this morning, it was empty. But as tasty as these chips were, I felt like they could have been tastier.

The chocolate part was definitely great. It could have been a touch bitterer for my taste but overall, it was a smooth, quality chocolate that most people would love. I was also quite impressed with the quantity of chocolate used; there’s a generous coating over roughly half of each of the chips.

What disappointed me was the chip part. They were rather bland and could have done with more salt and more “crunch.” I think that if a different type of chip was used, this could be an amazing treat.

However, maybe it’s for the best I don’t love these things because they aren’t cheap; it’s $10 for a small  bag that one person could easily consume in one seating.

While I wasn’t wowed by this product, I will probably buy them again but not for myself. There’s something really fun and novel about chocolate-dipped potato chips and I see these being a great hostesses or birthday gift for friends.

Would I buy this again: Yes but as a gift for others
Should you buy it: They're worth trying once

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