Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Barque Smokehouse's Updated Menus

Since the most popular post on this blog is about Roncesvalles BBQ restaurant Barque, I figure that it only makes sense to post its updated menus below.

While I haven’t been there for brunch, I did stop by for lunch a few weeks ago. As you’ll see below, the lunch menu is small and missing many evening favourites. But this is actually a good thing because it means that you’re likely going to order one of Barque’s amazing sandwiches.

I ordered the trout, my friend ordered the chicken and both of us loved what we got. While my trout was delicious and just right on the smokiness scale, I was particularly impressed with the fluffy, fresh bun (too often the weak spot in any sandwich). The only negative about them was that they were a bit messy to eat.

That was because the sandwiches were huge and completed stuff with yumminess. Considering that in addition to a massive sandwich, you also get a good sized side (I went with the spinach salad and highly recommend it) and popcorn, the $12 price tag is a great deal.

I found that lunch wasn’t anywhere near the jam-packed experience that dinner at Barque can be but then I did go a few weeks ago. If other people know about these sandwiches, I’m sure lunch time is getting just as crazy as dinner time.

Dinner Menu

Lunch Menu

Brunch Menu

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