Friday, July 1, 2011

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

“Stiletto” is actually a very accurate name for this mascara from Maybelline because it does give you stiletto-like lashes: long and thin.

There’s no question that this mascara did visibly lengthen my lashes with just a couple of coats. However, they weren't lengthened by 70%, which is one of the main claims made on the package (I’d really like to see the person whose lashes were lengthened by 70% by this product). My results were more like 30-35% longer. Not quite 70% but it was enough to make my lashes look longer while still looking natural.

So if you’re hoping for this product to give you fake-like lash length, it’s not going to happen. And it’s also not going to help you out in the volume department. But I suppose that makes sense; stilettos are thin after all.

It an attempt to make up for the lack volume, I found myself applying multiple coats of this product. That helped a bit but it also led to spider-lashes though to be fair, this product isn’t intended to be applied six times. Thankfully, I could easily break up the spider-lashes.

A couple traits that really impressed me were this mascara’s very low clumping factor and the fact that it didn’t flake all over my face as the day went on. It actually stayed on my lashes for over 10 hours and kept them looking nice and long.

Because this mascara actually stayed on my lashes, I was initially concerned that it would be a pain to wash off but I was wrong. This is actually one of the easiest-to-wash off mascara I’ve worn in recently memories.

Besides lengthening, this product’s other big claim is that it gives a “shiny, patent finish”. Here it just flat out fails. I went with the blackest black shade, which you would think would give you the shiniest, patent-niest results but nope, when it comes to color, this is just a regular black mascara.

If you’re someone with thick but short lashes, I completely recommend this product, especially since you can pick it up from around $10.  But if length isn’t an issue for you, or you want one mascara that does everything (let me know when you find that), then don’t pick up this product.

I think I might try pairing it with L’Oreal’s Voluminous mascara to see if I can get the best of two worlds.

Would I buy this again:  Yes.
Should you buy it: Have short but thick lashes or just want a lengthening mascara? Then yes. Already have long lashes or want an all-in-one mascara? Then skip it.

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