Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quo - Total Perfection Face Primer

And I’m back from six weeks in Europe (and one week getting back to normal life).

I do want to write a bit about my trip and the many, many hotels I stayed in but I figure that I should start back with an actual product review: Quo Total Perfection Face Primer.

I bought this primer because of its great review over on and because it was quite reasonably priced, in the low $20 range at Shoppers.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I’m not that impressed.  Okay, I will say that it does a good, though not outstanding job, of keeping my makeup in place. It definitely does help extend the life/freshness of makeup under regular circumstances but start sweating and well, it doesn’t do much.

It also doesn’t provide a smooth, flaw-filled base like I hoped it would. Instead, it goes on kind of sticky and seems to just sit on top of pores/lines/other flaws instead of filling them in.

The back of the container states that this primer can be worn on its for a matte finish. But I’d only do this is you naturally have amazing, flaw-free skin since all this stuff really does it tone down the shine.

The back also talks about how this product is enriched with vitamins that will help reduce the signs of aging. It’s these features that help to earn this primer such praise on and while these long-range features are certainly wonderful, a great primer also needs to be about the immediate.

Which the review claims this product also is. It talks about how this product makes, “your skin feel exceptionally smooth” and has a “satin finish” but all I feel is a light tackiness when I run my fingers over skin that’s wearing this product.

Thankfully, that tackiness doesn’t impact makeup application; I wore several foundations over this product and all of them easily went on. So that’s good.

Not so good is this product’s packaging. It feels unnecessarily big and it travels poorly. Yes, I had a primer explosion during my Europe travels though to be honest, I’m kind of happy that happened because that means I’m closer to being out of this stuff and then I can buy a new, better primer.

Would I buy this again: No.
Should you buy it: No.

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