Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again...

William Ashley’s warehouse sale is about halfway through its annual run. It kicked off on November 2 and is running Wednesday-Sunday until Saturday, November 27.

Like last year, it’s being held out in an industrial park, 62 Railside Road, so yes, you do need a car to get out there.

I haven’t gone yet this year and I’m not sure if I will. While this sale is packed with great deals, there’s nothing there that I really need. Maybe if it wasn’t such a pain to get to, I’d check it out but since it’s not…

If I do decide to go, it won’t be on the weekend. I went last year on a Saturday morning and it was crazy busy. I swear we waited an hour in line to get in, even though we went right at 10 am, when the warehouse opened.

For more on my experience at last year’s sale check out this entry and check out the image below for more details on the sale itself.

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