Monday, November 14, 2011

Free CDs

Recently I finished moving all of my CDs to my computer (a project that’s taken far too long) and now I have a bunch of CDs that I need to get rid of. You can see a bunch of them in the photo below. They are mostly  some kind of rock or dance (and yes, that is an ABBA CD you see there). While some of the cases might have a few scratches, all of the CDs themselves play just fine.

If you see anything you like, send me an email at stufflindsaybought[removethis] All of the CDs are free but you’ll need to pick them up from me over in Roncesvalles.

I also have dozens of CMJ sampler CDs as well as a bunch of MixMag and Revolution Magazine CDs so if for some reason those interest you, let me know!

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