Sunday, November 13, 2011

Optimum Points Mega Redemption Weekend Coming Up

A few weeks ago, Shoppers ran one of its Bonus Redemption weekends where redeeming 95,000 Optimum points, the top point level and one that I've reached, would get you $200 worth of stuff, instead of the usual $170. I was tempted to go in and redeem my points but instead I decided to wait because according to the people over on the Forums, there was a chance that Shoppers might run a Mega Redemption weekend, where 95,000 points gets you $250 worth of stuff.

Shoppers ran one of these super weekend last December and word on the forums was that they’d be running another one again this year. And earlier this week it was confirmed that yep, the weekend of December 3-4 will be another Mega Redemption weekend where 95,000 points gets you $250 while the next level down, 50,000 gets your $125, instead of the usual $85.

Needless to say I’m very happy that I waited and didn’t cash in my points earlier.

Now I have to plan what I’m going to spend my $250 on. I’m definitely going to use it to get some Christmas presents (and my husband can use it to get me some stocking stuffers), as well as stock up on the usual drugstore stuff like shampoo.

I think I might also go to a Shoppers that sells food and get some groceries (hey, if people can buy groceries at Walmart, I can definitely buy them at Shoppers).
I actually have a total of 120,000 points right now and I’m tempted to try and earn another 25,000 so that I can take advantage of the 50,000 point redemption as well. Then I’d have a total of $375 to spend. That would be crazy…

There is a 10x the points event coming up in a couple weeks and I am starting to get low on a few things so I could take advantage of that and easily get another 10,000 points. But that still would leave me almost 15,000 points short. Hmmm… I think I need to do some planning (and see if there are any bonus points coupons that apply to me).


  1. How do rack up that many points???? I found that in the last year, they downsized on points and it takes me forever to get ANY! I have been slowly building to 8000 all year it seems! Any tips would be GREAT!

  2. Only shop there on the weekends when they offer 20x or other promos like that. I don't get the flyers so I use this forum: to keep me up-to-date on what promos happen when (plus it has links to bonus coupons). And when a big point-collecting weekend comes up, I do a big purchase and stock on things like shampoo, Kleenex,etc. Hope that helps!

  3. Do you know if this promotion valid at every Shoppers across Canada, or only select locations...?