Wednesday, November 9, 2011

President's Choice Chipotle & Cheese Baked Crisps

The review on this product’s’s webpage sums up my thoughts on these crackers perfectly: “Please please please DO NOT EVER get rid of these!!”

Like the person who wrote that review, I love these baked crisps (the fancy way to say “crackers”).  Made aged Cheddar and Asiago cheeses, this product combines two of my favourite flavours, cheese and chipotle, into a crispy, tasty cracker.

The chipotle flavour isn’t overly strong but it’s definitely there, giving these crackers a smoky-spicy flavour that works amazingly well with the cheese flavours.

While I enjoy eating these crackers straight out of the box, I think they would work well with a variety of dips. Because of that and because they look “fancy”, thanks to being made with thin layers of sourdough bread, these crackers are ideal for parties and entertaining.

While doing some research on this product, I came across this page, which gives these crackers a health score of 62 out of 100. According to, these crackers are high in salt and saturated fat, which explains why they taste so good.

Personally, I find that because these crisps are on the spicy side, you don’t end up stuffing your face with them. Instead, a handful fills you up quickly and because of that, I wouldn’t worry too much about their less-than-great health rating

Would I buy this again: These are definitely going in my grocery cart the next time I’m in Loblaws.
Should you buy it: If you like the sound of cheese and chipotle, then yes!

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