Monday, November 7, 2011

Jergens Overnight Fix Moisturizer

Beauty product manufacturers take note: It pays to give deluxe sized samples.

I recently received a 7 ml sample of Jergens Overnight Fix Moisturizer in the mail, enough to last me for seven nights (I used this sample on my face and elbows).

If this had been your usual one-three day sized sample, I would be recommending skipping this product since it did nothing for me for three days. If anything, my skin seemed flakier and drier than usual when I first started using this glycerin-based lotion.

But then the morning after I used it for the fourth time I noticed that all the flakiness was gone and that my skin visibly looked healthier and brighter. Good thing I was sent a bigger than usual sample.

The packaging for this product claims that, “This formula, made with a rich blend of antioxidant vitamins and pure evening primrose extract, will restore and revive as you sleep for healthy-looking skin every morning.”

And while it might have taken a few nights to work, I have to say that this statenent, at least for me, is true. This moisturizer really did have a positive impact on my skin’s appearance.

However, since it did take a few nights uses before I saw any effect, I don't agree with Jergens's claim that this lotion, “…repairs a week's worth of damage in one night…”.

Besides needing a bit of time before you see any benefits, this lotion’s only other notable issue is that it doesn't absorb that quickly. Since it’s intended to be applying before bed time, this can be a bit of a pain, depending on your bed time routine.

It’s not a very luxurious-feeling lotion but then it does only cost $7.99 for a 495 ml bottle and unlike some nicer-feeling moisturizers, this one does work.

It’s also dermatologist tested and scent-wise, it’s quite light, with almost a neutral smell to it. While I prefer lotions with a pretty scent, I know a lot of people don’t so this trait might make this product quite appealing to some.

Would I buy this again: Yes.
Should you buy it: Yes.

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