Thursday, November 3, 2011

Michelina’s Real Gourmet – 5 Cheese Chicken Ziti

I had the misfortune to try this microwave meal out last night and it was just plain “yuck”. Okay, the big chunks of white chicken breast weren’t bad but the sauce was nasty (and not at all cheesy) while the noodles and vegetables were just bland.

Sure, this meal was easy to prepare (just toss the steam pouch into the microwave) but it tastes so bad that you won’t to ever prepare it.

This line from Michelina’s does have offer other flavours, I have two of them in my freezer (yes, there was a sale), and I really hope they are better than this particular one.

Would I buy this again: Oh no.
Should you buy it: No!

1 comment:

  1. Just tried it as well. It was horrible and the chicken chunks were dry. The sauce really lacked flavour - overpowering taste of the tomatoes and not in a good way. Got on sale but won't buy again.