Sunday, November 27, 2011

What To Spend All My Optimum Points On

So I did it, I managed to earn enough Shoppers Drugmart Optimum Points that for next weekend’s mega redemption event, I’ll have a total of $375 to spend.

I have a total of 152,000 points, which means I can do two redemptions: A 95,000 point one that will get me $250 worth of stuff and a 50,000 point redemption that will get me $125 (the remaining 7,000 points get carried over).

If I want to maximum my points and take advantage of the whole $375, I need to spend it all next weekend (though in two different transactions).

I already have a shopping list started that includes the obvious (hair products, Kleenex, soap, that kind of stuff) as well as a few gift ideas for people but I’m wondering what else should I spend my points on. Any ideas? I’m especially interested in any makeup/beauty products suggestions.


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