Thursday, December 1, 2011

Joe Fresh - Queen St. W. Store

This past weekend I checked out the new-ish Joe Fresh store on Queen West. Having heard a lot of hype about the store, and liking what I was seeing in its Christmas ads, I was quite excited to see what the store had in stock.

Turns out that while it has does have a good variety of stuff, it’s not very interesting stuff. Okay, there were some interesting items, like gold jeans, but I’m not going to wear gold jeans. I want to wear interesting shirts and skirts and dresses and this is where this Joe Fresh outlet fell flat.

Well, it feel flat on Sunday, November 27. Looking at the brand’s website, I’m seeing tons of stuff I would have liked to try on but pretty much everything that’s catching my eye wasn’t available at the Queen Street store. Maybe it was all already snapped up by those people who lined up for this store’s opening?

But if you want a reasonably priced cashmere sweater, a cheap striped shirt or some generic-looking accessories, well, there plenty of those items in this store. But there was nothing special, nothing that made me feel like this was a store that I should be periodically checking out (like H&M for example).

All that being said, I did buy this striped sweater so my trip to this store wasn’t a total waste. Also, I’m really impressed with how clean and organized the store. I felt more like I was shopping for beauty products at Murale than looking at fast fashion clothes.

The Joe Fresh spring 2012 line looks really, really promising and once it hits stores, I will definitely to be back to this shop. I just hope all the good stuff doesn’t sell out before I get there.

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