Saturday, December 3, 2011

Marcelle Power Volume Mascara

According to this product’s web promo page, this mascara does it all “… in a single step”. Besides adding volume with “…the precise amount of mascara required”, it also gives you “long luscious lashes” and creates lashes that are “lustrous and protected” thanks to its use of Pro Vitamin B5 and “a highly sought-after combination of polishes”.

I have no idea what that last phrase means and really, I don’t care because while this mascara might be healthy for your lashes (and your eyes, this stuff is hypoallergenic, perfume-free and ideal for contact lens users), it certainly doesn’t do much to make them pretty.

It does add volume, that’s true, but it also adds a lot of clumps that then can’t be easily separated, leaving you with awkward, stuck-together sections of lashes. The clumps were so bad the first time I tried this product that I actually had to wash the mascara off, something I don’t think I’ve ever had to do.

In addition to be clumpy, this mascara noticeably gets on your lash line, leaving little flecks that you then have to clean up.

I think that the clumping and flecks happen because of the brush, which is packed with short, dense bristles that don’t properly separate the lashes but do smush against the lash line. This brush also does almost nothing for lengthening.

On the plus side, this mascara does stay in place. There was no smudging (and if anyone’s going to smudge mascara, it’s going to be me with my frequent eye touching) and flaking was minimal.

Despite its staying power, this mascara actually washes off quite easily and nicely.

Still, I’d rather have to bust out the eye makeup remover on a mascara that doesn’t clump than easily wash off one that does.

Would I Buy This Again: No.
Should You Buy It: No.

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