Monday, December 5, 2011

Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Polish

Revlon claims that this polish dries in 60 seconds. And yes, a single, light coat will dry in 60 seconds. But I found that in order to fully get the richness of the two colours I’ve been recently using (555 – Orchid and 860 – Metallic), I need to apply two coats (thick ones for the Metallic colour) and they don’t try in 60 seconds. It’s more like six minutes and even then I want to be careful with what I do with my hands for the next 20 minutes or so (like any polish, the thicker the coat, the longer the required drying time).

So yeah, these polishes aren’t exactly “top speed” but I don’t really mind that because I find that both colours go on very easily and smoothly, and do deliver close-to professional results (and the “close-to” part is probably more because of me than the polish).

I also really like the price. Nail polish prices can vary dramatically and they seem to have more to do with brand names and special colours than the actual product quality. When it comes to application, looks and chip-resistance, I’ve found no difference between this Revlon product, which I picked up on sale at Shoppers for $3.99 (I think usually a bottle is about $6 there) and pricy brands like OPI.

Speaking of chip-resistance, this polish does a pretty good job of staying in place. However, it you do things like use your nails like a screw driver or chew them (I know, I know), it will chip. (I should note that I am just using this product as-is, with no additional “chip-proofing” top coat, which would probably help the polish to last longer.)

Revlon Top Speed comes in 32 different colours, mostly solids and shimmers, with the Metallic colour I picked being of the few "disco" options available (so if glitter is your thing, skip this product line).

Would I Buy This Again: Yes.
Should You Buy It: Yes.

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