Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update: Brown’s Artica Boots

One of the most popular posts on this blog is my December 2010 review of Brown’s Artica Boots so I figure I should give an update on how these boots are doing in their second year of wear.

In the original review I commented on how disappointed I was that these boots developed a weird discolouration on one of them after my first day of wearing them. The discolouration is still there and I never did figure out why/how it happened but thankfully it didn’t spread.

At the time I discovered it, I was considering returning the boots to Brown’s but I never did because this on-sale item had “no returns” stamped across the receipt and I could just see myself showing up in the store, that receipt in hand, getting into a big fight with some store clerk.

But while I didn’t contact Brown’s, I did keep wearing the boots and I’m still wearing them today. While the discolouration prevents them from looking sharp, they are still very extremely comfortable and are doing a great job at keep my feet warm and dry, even when I walk through slush with them.

Because of their appearance, I likely will retire these boots after this year and while I won’t be purchasing another pair of Articas, I will certainly miss how cozy they feel.

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