Saturday, January 28, 2012

My January 2012 Luxe Box

Today I finally got my January Luxe Box (yes, my local post office is open on a Saturday) and it turns out to be well worth the wait.

This month, we actually got two boxes and an introduction to the MyScent program, which gave us six perfume samples.

Here’s what else was in my boxes:

  • Curly Hair Solutions Curly Keeper – 100 ml sample size
  • NYX Eye Shadow in Dust Sparkle – Full size  
  • Lise Watier 12 Hrs. Glam Flawless Complexion – 5 ml sample size
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee – sample bag
  • Schick Hydro Silk Razor
  • Fekkai Advanced Brillitant Glossing shampoo and conditioner – sample pack
  • 8,000 Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points on my next purchase of a Fekkai product

Once again, what people got in their boxes really varied and while overall this approach doesn’t thrill me (unless of course differences are due to personalization), I’m also kind of happy  about it this time around because I feel like I received one of the better boxes (while I got a very pretty and practical light pink eye shadow, others got lipsticks in colours that don't work for them).

The only product that doesn’t interest me is the coffee (I don’t drink it) but everyone got that and hey, my husband will use. Initially, I was also disappointed about the Curl Keeper since I have straight hair but after reading the label, I learned that it’s all about fighting frizz, something that is an issue for me so who knows, maybe it will work out.

With these boxes, I feel like Loose Button, the company behind Luxe Box, really listened to all the complaining customers who were disappointed with the rather lackluster December boxes (check out my review here) and stepped up its game.

Still, while I’m happy with my box, a quick look at Facebook reveals that not everyone is. Some of these complaints fall into the can’t-please-anyone category (I love the new MyScent program but others think it’s cheap), some are quite legit (I totally understand why someone who received the same item last time would be annoyed) and some are completely misplaced (Loose Buttom does not control Canada Post).

Then there the people who are saying that Luxe Box samples aren’t “luxurious” enough and that it’s all about quantity over quality. While I see what these people are saying, it irritates me because many “drugstore brands” are just as good as pricier options since most beauty products contain the same ingredients.

Personally, I’d rather be given a sample of a product that’s at a price point that I would actually buy at then a sample of something that retails for some crazy price.

There’s also plenty of bitching about how this month’s box was late. It should have been shipped mid-month but due to a delay on a supplier’s end, the boxes only went out this week. While definitely not an ideal situation, I do give Loose Button an A+ for explaining what was going on and for upgrading everyone to express shipping.

For me, the delay wasn’t that big of deal. After all, now it just means that the time between this and my next box is shorter.

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  1. Love your post~ Thanks for being fair and optimistic~ I feel your sentiments~ subbing!!