Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bodyFood Spa Package

Toronto’s bodyFood is best known for creating its own line of nature-based body care products but recently it’s branched out into the spa business, offering a package that includes, “Full body exfoliation, mud wrap, facial and full body moisturizing treatment.” To promote this new package, bodyFood has been offering it on various group deal coupon sites, which is how I ended up buying one.

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about my treatment because it wasn’t really explained on the company’s website and I couldn’t find any online reviews about it but in the end, it turned out to be fine, for the most part.

While the spa-aspect of bodyFood is just one room, it’s a very clean, well-maintained room. I was looked after by Irene, who explained exactly what the treatment would involve and didn't wince when I asked her to clarify what “remove all your clothes” meant (hey, I didn't want to be *that* person).

Irene was very professional and while friendly, wasn’t chatty (which was fine by me). She was also very efficient. And “efficient” really is the ideal word to describe this spa experience. You’re in, you’re treated and you’re out. There’s no water treatments, no free tea, no comfy lounge (though there is the classic spa music) so if you’re looking for the classic spa experience, skip bodyFood. But if you’re okay with an efficient spa experience, this spa package might work for you.

And that package started with me, face down on the treatment table, with a well-placed hand towel. First I was scrubbed down with an exfoliate and then covered with mud from the Dead Sea. Then  I flipped over and the process was repeated on my front. After I was covered in mud, I received my mini-facial, which meant that basically my face was thoroughly cleansed and I think a mask might have been applied.

(Here’s something I found odd: While bodyFood products were used during my treatment, I wasn’t told what was being used and what it contained. While I understand not giving me a sales pitch, I feel like tidbits about the products could have been peppered over my treatment, especially since I was clearly awake.)

Then the wrap part began. I was lying on top of what was basically a giant sheet of Saran-wrap so first that was wrapped around me and then this heat blanket-like thing, which was under the plastic, was Velcro-ed around me, to increase the mud’s detoxifying effects.

Now, I’m not claustrophobic but lying there, in the dark, wrapped in this giant, warm blanket, wasn’t the relaxing experience that I imagined that it was going to be.  To be fair, there was relaxing moments, and my muscles certainly enjoyed the experience but mentally, I didn’t. (Irene told me that many people actually fall asleep during the wrap part, something that happened to my friend who also experienced this treatment).

After at least 20 minutes of being wrapped up, Irene returned to the room and freed me. I then jumped into the shower (it’s part of the room) and washed off all of the mud, a process that took longer than I thought it would.  Finally, it was time for the last part of the treatment: getting covered in a quick absorbing moisturizer.

While all of the above was supposed to take a total of 75 minutes, my treatment actually took around 60 minutes. But really, that was fine because I wouldn’t have wanted to have been wrapped up any longer than I was.

According to my deal coupon, my treatment retails at $155, which I think is overpriced for what it is (though if the mini-facial turned into a real facial, complete with extractions, then that price would be fine). I paid $49 for my coupon, which I think was more than fair, even if I didn’t love every minute of it.

While my treatment did leave my skin silky smooth (not sure about the detoxifying effects), I don’t know if I would do it again, simple because I couldn’t relax during the wrap part. And if you can’t relax, what’s the point of going to the spa?

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