Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DDF Advanced Firming Cream

If you’ve read any of my Luxe Box reviews, you know that Luxe Box loves to give me samples of DDF’s Advanced Firming Cream. So far, I’ve received three samples of this product, which has resulted in me almost having the equivalent of a full-sized jar of this moisturizer. Since this product retails at $130 a jar, my Luxe Box subscription has more than paid for itself just through these three tubes. Too bad this is an item that I don’t really need.

Actually, that’s a bit of a lie. I don’t need a firming cream but that’s not the only thing this product, which contains “breakthrough Tumeric Complex, with glycerin, zinc and copper” does. It also, “…provides antioxidant protection for the moisture barrier, and promotes rapid surface cell turnover to help reverse the appearance of aging for younger looking skin" and "neutralizes 82% of free radicals to minimize surface damage." In other words, using this product should give you amazing skin, regardless of whether you need it firmed or not. And amazing skin is definitely something I need.

And I almost got it from this product, almost. It did a surprisingly great job at keep my skin clear from pimples and other blemishes and overall, it left it looking and feeling very healthy. It also adequately plumped up my forehead lines though I'm not convinced that it’s done anything to prevent them from actually getting deeper.

One thing I know without a doubt is that this product, which labels itself as a moisturizer, struggled with moisturizing my skin. I have a couple of dry patches of skin on/around my nose and despite using this product daily (at least) for over two weeks, the dry patches are still there.

This cream also has a bit of an odd, almost herbal smell to it that doesn’t bother me but might turn some people off.

Would I buy this product? If I’m going to pay $130 for something (48 g of something at that), it better be able to  deal with some mild dry patches so no, no way am I buying this product.

Should you buy it? This might be a cream that’s worth looking into if you’re someone with aging skin that’s prone to blemishes, as this product really did do a great job at keeping my skin clear. But if dry skin is at all an issue for you, or, like most people, you can’t afford to spend $130 on skin cream, skip it.

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