Friday, May 11, 2012

LaCoupe orgnx Brazilian Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner

My sample packages for LaCoupe orgnx Brazilian Keratin shampoo and conditioner were just big enough to let me try out this new line twice but that’s all I needed to see that these are two amazing products.

The first result I noticed was the shine. Recently, I’ve been using Pantene’s Aqua Light line and while it’s good, it doesn’t provide nearly the shine-power that LaCoupe does. It actually looked like I’d gone to the salon and gotten a glaze applied to my hair, it was that shiny.

But amping up hair’s shine level isn’t these products only abilities. According to the samples’ packaging, this line is first and foremost about smoothing and eliminating frizz, two qualities that I’m always on the lookout for.

For my second use of this line, I used the shampoo, the conditioner and that’s it; I skipped the Moroccanoil and any other styling product as well as the blow dryer.  I figured that this basics approach would be the ultimate test for these two items and was curious to see how they would perform, particularly since the day I tried this on was a very humid one.

My expectations were low. Sure, the back of the conditioner sample said that its ingredients, “…help strengthen and seal the cuticle to lock out humidity for long-lasting salon smooth hair” but I’ve read similar claims before, only to see them frizz out when confronted with hot, heavy Toronto air.
Impressively, that didn’t happen with this line (and yes, I did repeatedly expose my hair to the outdoors). Despite the humid weather, my hair stayed smooth, shiny and almost frizz-free for the whole day.

Other packaging claims mention how the shampoo provides a, “Gentle wash for smoother, stronger and glossier hair” while the conditioner’s package also boasts that it will make hair “silkier.” Again, these are all claims I’ve read before but f

LaCoupe says that the reason for this line’s great results is its combination of keratin proteins, avocado oil, cocoa butter and certified organic moringa extracts.  Whether it’s because of these ingredients or because of the other, not-so-natural ones, this line works and it does it with a light, almost nutty scent.

Like many of the newer hair care lines out there, this one’s also parabene-free as well as sulfate free, which makes it coloured-hair friendly. It’s also reasonably priced (under $15).

Would I buy this product:
Yes! As soon as I finish my current collection of conditioners (I have the Aqua Light, then another one from another brand that I haven’t touched yet), I’ll be picking up the conditioner half of this line. And I think I’ll be picking up the shampoo half even sooner.

Should you buy it:
Yes! This is an amazing line that delivers results, is affordable and is relatively healthy. It is though only available at Shoppers, which may not work for everyone.

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