Monday, July 2, 2012

Luxe Box Update

Last month Luxe Box, the beauty box service I subscribe to, announced that it was switching from being a monthly service to a quarterly one (read more on this here). As someone who still has half a year left on her subscription, I was given a few different options about what to do and in the end I decided to roll my remaining subscription credits over to the new quarterly model. Doing so gets me my first quarterly box, due in August, for free.

But many people opted to unsubscribe from Luxe Box. Those people ended up with June boxes (since you get charged a month in advance for each box) that started showing up last week.

I could have opted to get a June box, instead of a free quarterly box in August, but decided against that because I was worried that the June boxes would be filled with crappy leftover items that were just lying around the Luxe Box warehouse (office?).

Turns out I was wrong about that. All of the June box reviews that I’ve read mention new items: L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil, Sally Hanson Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips and a pocket mirror from Olay.  All of the boxes I’ve seen also contained Olay Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex while multiple boxes had OPI top coat and Philosophy Purity Made Simple Foaming 3-in-1 Cleansing Gel.

All of the boxes actually looked pretty good and most would have been something that I would have been happy to receive. But only as a monthly box; if I received a June-like box as my quarterly box in August I’m going to be rather annoyed.

But hopefully that won’t happen and instead in August I’ll end up with a box that three times as good as the best June box.


  1. I honestly thought the exact same thing! I was surprised when me friend told me what she received..hopefully August is just as good if not better:)

  2. Have you ever used the Philosophy purity made simple foaming 3-in1 cleanser? Or any of the Philosophy face washes? I haven't but would like to... what have you read about them?

  3. I haven't tried any of the Philosophy face washes but the 3-in-1 looks really interesting and is something I would like to try out sometime.