Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bobos Remi Leave-in Conditioner

I absolutely love this product!

I received it in my Luxe Boxe a few months ago but saved it until my summer vacation because it seemed like the perfect travel item to replace both conditioner and Moroccanoil.

And it turns out that I was completely right. Packaged in a sturdy plastic spray bottle, this leave-in conditioner travels wonderfully and produces even better results with just a few sprays over freshly washed hair.

I did test it out before I went away, just to make sure that it worked. Bobos claims that this leave-in product, which contains macadamia oil, panthenol and jojoba oil, does all kinds of things including maintaining moisture in your hair throughout the day, preventing breakage, aiding with manageability and detangling, adding in shine but not build-up and “Define wave.”

I found that this product followed through on all of those claims except for the “define wave” one. It was particularly good at adding in shine; it literally left my hair glowing. It also made it a dream to comb out. If tangles are an issue for you, you need this product.

I did notice that this product wasn’t as good at fighting frizz at Morrocanoil but it was still better in that area than most products out there.

And it smells better than any other hair product I’ve tried. It has a light, fruit/floral scent that I wish stuck around a bit longer, like hair perfume.

Would I buy this: I received an 80 ml-sized sample of this product and despite using it almost daily for two weeks I’ve not even used a quarter of it up yet, which is good because I have no idea where to buy this stuff. I've never seen it in stores or salons and its website doesn’t offer any info. But if I do ever come across it I will be picking a bottle up.

Should you buy it: If you can find this product, pick it up and let me know where you got it from!

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