Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cake Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder

While taking a long, luxurious shower each morning would be great, it’s not always realistic. In fact, let’s be completely honest, sometimes even a fast shower isn’t going to happen. And on days like that, I’m happy that I discovered Cake’s Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder.

It’s essentially baby powder that’s been slightly tinted so that you don’t end up looking like you’re suddenly going grey (there’s also a version for darker hair that’s even more tinted).  While I have tried several spray-on dry shampoos, none of them ever worked as nicely as plain, old-fashioned baby powder so I guess it should be no surprise that this product does exactly what it claims to do: Absorb excess oil and leave hair, “…feeling fresh and fabulous.”

According to this product’s web page, it’s supposed to smell like “baked lemon sugar.” I've never noticed any kind of lemon scent to this product, just a very faint sweet smell that I think most people out there would be fine with (though because it is such a light scent, don't expect this stuff to mask the smell of cigarette smoke).

While I’ve only ever used this powder on my hair, you can also sprinkle it over your body. Supposedly, this will result in,”… you smelling fresh, feeling clean and looking perfectly polished.” That sounds a little ambitious but I'm sure that whatever it does to you will be an improvement over your pre-powder condition.

While you can purchase this product in a 50g size ($18), I prefer the smaller 20g container (only $9). This small size, combined with durable packaging, makes it a very travelling/bag friendly product. Also, a pinch of this stuff goes a long ways, so the smaller size should last you for months.

Would I buy this again: Yes! This item is officially on my must-have list.

Should you buy this item: Yes! Unless you have really greasy hair or have some kind of unnatural hair colour like blue or red, then skip it.

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