Wednesday, September 12, 2012

China Glaze Nail Lacquer

My fall Luxe Box contained my first ever bottle of China Glaze nail polish, sorry, nail lacquer. Based on the way some of the ladies on the Loose Button (the company behind Luxe Box) Facebook page react to China Glaze, I thought I’d maybe landed the Holy Grail of lacquers.

So I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that this product doesn’t go on nearly as easily and consistently as either GOSH polish or even Revlon’s Top Speed Fast Dry polish.

While this product definitely has a thicker formula than the Essie polish, it could be thicker still, which would result in me having to apply fewer coats (which would result in me making fewer mistakes) to get the full intensity of the colour I received.

And the colour I ended up with is called Exotic Encounters (part of China Glaze’s On Safari collection), an eye-catching shade of blueish green that looks so glossy and pretty, if it dries properly.

Unfortunately, because I had to layer on the coats, some of my nails took forever to dry and I ended messing some of them up.

China Glaze’s two big boasts seem to be that it delivers glossy, on-trend colours, which I agree with, and lacquers that last, which I completely disagree with. My polish started chipping within 72 hours of wear and now, five days later, I’ve managed to almost completely chip all of the polish off.

On the plus side, all China Glaze lacquers are free of DBP, toulene and added formaldehyde.

Would I buy this product: While I didn’t love this polish and don’t think that it’s particularly good, I can see myself buying it again if a certain colour caught my eye. At under $8 a bottle, this stuff is appropriately priced.

Should you buy this product: Yes. If you see a colour that you like, pick it up. Just be prepared for a less-than-smooth application process and to have to touch things up after just a few days.

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