Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clinique All About Eyes

When I started testing this under-eye cream out, I would gently pat a small amount under my eyes each night. After about a week, I took a careful look at my under-eye areas and came to the conclusion that this product wasn't doing much.

Of course, a week’s not much time for a skin care product to do its thing so I decided to continue my testing but to do it slightly different way: Instead of applying this cream under both eyes, I started just applying it under my right eye.

So that was back in early September. It’s now basically November and I have to say that despite using this product almost daily for close to two months under my right eye, there is absolutely no difference between the skin under that eye and the skin under my left eye.

|Clinique claims that this gel-like cream, “…diminishes the appearance of eye puffs, darkness and fine lines.” Fine lines and puffy eyes aren't issues for me but I do battle dark under-eye circles on a fairly regular basis and I was hoping that this could help out in this area. Unfortunately, this product didn't have any visible impact on my skin.

I do though agree with Clinique’s claims that this is a “lightweight” eye cream that doesn't causing creeping if you wear it under makeup. Clinique also says this product, “…helps hold eye makeup in place” and sure, I’ll agree with that, though personally I've never really had any problems with under-eye makeup disappearing   

Applying this cream under makeup, or even in the mornings, wasn't something I generally did and maybe that’s why it didn't work very well for me, maybe you really do need to apply this cream twice a day to actually notice a difference.

Or maybe it’s just a product that’s not intended for my skin.

Would I buy this product:
Nope. While it didn't harm my skin, it didn't do anything for it either.

Should you buy this product:
If your only under-eye issue is darkness, I would skip this product. But if you have problems with fine lines and/or puffiness you might want to check it out (this product does have a ton of positive reviews so it must work for some people). Clinique is usually good about giving out deluxe-sized samples so see if you can get one of those before you shell out $30 for a half ounce jar of this cream.

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