Sunday, October 28, 2012

Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Milk

I don’t get it; how can Biotherm make Lait Corporel Body Milk one of its star products when the now-discontinued Biosenses Nutrition Nourishing-Fortifying Body Balm was a vastly superior moisturizer? The latter product was just all-around amazing while the former is, well, okay, it does some have good qualities.

Biotherm describes this product like this, “A quick penetrating milk with citrus extracts, a delicate fragrance and light texture that is neither sticky nor greasy.” I completely agree with all of this. “Milk” is the perfect way to describe this very light, almost “runny” product.  The scent is also very light, and reminds me of the scent used in the body balm (but sadly that's where the similarities end).

And just like Biotherm claims, this product is also super-absorbent, disappearing into one’s skin within seconds and not leaving any kind of trace that it was ever applier to your skin (a part from the scent).

But that quality is part of my problem with this product. While Biotherm says that this lotion will leave skin feeling “fresh,” I found that it left my skin feeling like it wanted a richer moisturizer.

It’s not that I want a product that leaves my skin feeling greasy or heavy, but I do want one that makes my skin feel plumped up and enriched.

This body milk did none of that. And while it did a decent job at making my skin feel smooth, it repeatedly failed the “nail test” (lightly dragging a fingernail over one’s skin to see if you end up with a trail of dead skin, which indicates skin that’s not fully moisturized).

To be fair to this product, I was using a deluxe-sized sample to test it out, which in this case means that I didn't even get to try it out for a full week. Maybe if I’d been using the milk for longer, I would have seen better results, at least in the moisturizing department.

Will I buy this product: No. While I like the scent, I don’t really like any other aspect of this product.

Should you buy this product: If you’re one of those people who hates the feeling of a lotion/moisturizer/body milk/whatever, then this is the product for you. But just a heads up, at $29 for 400ml, this product isn't cheap.

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