Wednesday, November 21, 2012

L’Oreal MagicSmooth Soufflé Foundation

 I like how this foundation feels on my fingers and… yep, that’s about it. L’Oreal describes this product as having a “revolutionary soufflé texture” and while “revolutionary” is a bit much (it’s foundation!), I do agree that this product has a very light and airy texture that you don't generally feel in the world of foundation.

Unfortunately, I found that this foundation had a nasty tendency to ball up when I was applying it to my skin. At first I thought that it wasn't getting along with my Smashbox primer but nope, the same thing happened even when I applied this product directly onto clean, bare skin.

I think, and I'm not 100% sure of this because I didn't have enough of the foundation to fully test out this theory, that the problem was that I was putting too much of it on my face at once. I put a blob onto my forehead, started smoothing it around with my fingers and pretty much immediately had the product balling up on me. However, when I carefully spread a light amount over my skin, I didn't have that issue.

Then I had a different issue: This product just isn't pigmented enough to do much of anything on my skin. Yes, if you had almost-perfect skin that just needed a bit of evening out or brightening up, this product would be fine but this foundation just doesn't cut it for someone like me, who has actual blemishes that need to be covered up. And sadly, but not surprisingly, it also didn't, “Magically blur the look of lines and pores” like L’Oreal said it would.

Would I buy this product: No. Even if I did have near-perfect skin and could get away using something this lightly pigmented, I still wouldn't use this product because it’s fussy to apply. Instead I would use one of the five million BB creams that are out there.

Should you buy this product:
No. While I agree that the texture does feel great, you’ll get better results from, depending on your needs a BB cream or high-end, properly pigmented foundation (may I suggest CoverFX?).

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