Monday, November 26, 2012

L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator

I love the idea of BB creams; they’re easy to apply, easy to wear and supposedly do a million and one things. L’Oreal’s latest BB cream, this one released as part of the Youth Code line, is no different. It claims that it will give you the instant results of a “flawless and luminous look” and the long term benefits of “More even looking skin tone.”

My sample size was too small to test out that last claim but I can firmly say that this product didn’t deliver fully on the first claim. It actually did make my skin look more luminous, I will give it that, but it certainly didn't make it look flawless.

L’Oreal’s other claims for this product is that it evens, illuminates and moisturizes skin while perfecting its texture and correcting “the look of skin tone with a hint of color.” And a part from the “perfects texture” claim, this product actually did do all of those things. However, for someone like me, all of those fulfilled claims don’t equal flawless skin. I simply need a product with more pigmentation to get the results that I want.

And that’s my issue with BB creams in general. They are great products for with almost-perfect skin but for everyone else, they just don’t cut it (assuming of course you’re going for the flawless look).

However, while Youth Code BB Cream didn't give me perfect-looking skin, it did improve my skin’s appearance and took only seconds to put on. Unlike foundation, which I would never apply without a mirror, I could see myself, or anyone, quickly and easily applying this product without the use of any beauty tools, including even a mirror.

It also felt great on my skin, thanks to its cream texture.

Interestingly, while my sample made no mention of dark spots of SPF protection, L'Oreal's website classifies this product in its "Dark Spots" sub-section and states that it contains broad-spectrum SPF 15, which of course any good BB cream or foundation should contain.

Would I buy this product:
No; it’s a fine product, just one that’s not right for me.

Should you buy this product:
If your skin just needs a little evening out than yes, take a closer look at this great-feeling BB cream that does follow through on most of its claims.

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