Saturday, December 15, 2012

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow

It’s a miracle! Finally an eye shadow primer that prevents creasing! Okay, it did only prevent that problem for about five or so hours, but still that’s better than any other product I've used.

Before I continue praising this product, let me back up and explain how I got it and what it is. As I mentioned last week, I'm one of the lucky bloggers who was picked to be a part of the #RevlonSelects program. This means that I get sent free, new Revlon product to try and review.

One of the items in my box was Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow, which uses the tag line: Limitless looks. One palette. No guesswork. It’s one of those eye shadow palettes that visually explains what colour goes on what part of your eye area.

But unlike similar products out there, this one contains a primer and it ditches the eyeliner shade for an all-over lid colour. I love both moves because they make this product truly all-in-one and something that even makeup novices can use (applying shadow as a liner requires skills and tools that many people picking up this type of palette won’t have).

The palette colour I received is called Metropolitan and there are seven other palette colour combos to choose from. Metropolitan contains a primer in a pale peach tone, a dark brown lid colour, a silver crease colour, a peach brow bone colour and finally a gold sparkle coat. All five colours go on silky smooth, with no pulling, skin irritation and yes, no guesswork.

And once they’re on, they stay in place thanks to the magical primer. I generally apply my makeup around 9 am and usually, by 11, my eye shadow has started to migrate to the crease. But this product almost always stayed perfectly in place until at least 2 pm. Unfortunately, by 6 pm, fading and creasing were well underway so no, this isn't a perfect product, but it is better than most and it’s one that I think a good chunk of eye shadow-loving women will want to look into.
The primer is on the bottom

I would say all eye shadow-loving women except I don’t know if the other colour palette options are as shimmery as Metropolitan.  I know that some women out there hate shimmer and if you’re one of those people, you’ll want to skip the Metropolitan palette because all five colours that make it up are very, very shimmery. Even the primer is shimmery, which is sort of a shame because I would love to have worn it under other eye shadows.

Personally, I'm a shimmer lover but Metropolitan even has too much shimmer for me for a daytime look. I've been wearing just the primer on its own or applying the whole palette, minus the sparkle top, with a light hand. Either approach looks great and I completely agree with Revlon’s claim that you can create multiple looks with this palette.

While this product might be packed with shimmer, it’s also packed with pretty, long-lasting results and lets you experiment with different looks.  You can even use this product wet if you need to intensify your look. It’s also reasonably priced, coming in at under $20.

Would I buy this product: Yes! I'm already wondering which colour combo to get next. Maybe the one called Pop Art? It doesn't look like anything I already own.

Should you buy it: If you’re good with shimmer than the answer is an easy yes. But if you’re not a shimmer fan, skip Metropolitan and instead investigate the seven other colour combo options.


  1. I got this palette through revlon selects as well....but i was a bit disappointed cause my shadows were underpigmented and i found the shimmers too chunky. Its great that you love it though! :)

  2. I agree that these colours aren't heavily pigmented but personally I didn't mind that because they were so shimmery. I do wonder if the other colour combos are similar to this one in regards to both shimmer and pigmentation.

  3. This palette looks great although we don't have it in England x