Monday, December 17, 2012

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy

Revlon’s Nail Art Moon Candy is one of those products that I normally would have completely ignored. I mean, look at it, doesn't it look like something your 12-year-old self would have been all over?

But since it was included in my Revlon Selects package I decided to try it out and, much to my surprise, it’s actually a product I can see myself using again.

One reason why I’ll likely be using it again is that, unlike most other nail art out there, this product is easy to apply. To start you just paint on the solid colour polish. Like other Revlon polishes, this one goes on easily and consistently and dries to an elegant, glossy finish.

Once the plain colour has dried, you paint on the “art moon candy,” which is really iridescent flecks that are cut in a variety of shapes and sizes. These flecks are supposed to bring a 3D effect to your nails though the vast majority of the flecks go on smoothly and lay flat against the nail. As a result, you can barely feel a 3D effect, let alone see one.

However this isn't a bad thing. A few flecks didn't lay flats and those ones ended up looking weird and within hours broke off, leaving dents in my polish. Thankfully, it’s quite quick and easy to flatten the flecks; I just didn't do it the first time I applied this product because I thought some of the flecks were supposed to pop up.

I also thought my nails would look best if the flecks were evenly distributed across my nails but the truth is, you can just slap a couple coats of the second lacquer on and your nails will look just as good as if you spent the time getting the flecks in just the right posts.

Messy up close but...
Now, this “slapping” approach will result in nails that look kind of crappy up close but then those results are hard to avoid due in part to the fact that the art moon candy lacquer leaves a crack-like “water line” wherever it’s applied.

...pretty at a distance
But while my nails didn't look pretty up close, they did look fantastic from a distance and this is the other reason why I’ll be wearing this product again. The art moon candy really is eye-catching and does create a look that’s very different from what’s out there. The iridescent flecks are a refreshing change from all of the sparkle and shimmer and under the right lighting, they looked almost electric. In short, don’t let the packaging fool you, this product actually looks amazing on.

One downside to this item is that it’s prone to chipping.  I hadn't even hit the 24-hour mark before the first chips showed up on my nails. However, since many people, myself included, will only be wearing this product for one night or a weekend (it’s a bit flashy for daytime wear), this flaw isn't as annoying as it could be.

This product is offered in 10 different colour combos and while I’d love to give you a price, Revlon didn't supply one and my research has turned up what I think is mostly American pricing. But given that this is a Revlon product, I doubt it’s over $20.

Would I buy this product: There was a time in my life when the answer to this question would be an easy “Yes,” especially given some of the pretty colour options that are available. Sadly, I no longer get out dancing as much as I would like (this isn't by choice, I need new dancing friends!) and this product is a bit much for just sitting around at a house party. So honestly, I don’t know if I will purchase this item but I would like to think that I will.

Should you buy it: If you love flashy nails than yes, you will want this very flashy, and very easy to use, product.

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