Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mineral Shea Butter Lipstick

When it comes to naming colours, I think companies need to either go with a fun/silly name that you know you’ll need to look up or a name that perfectly describes the product’s colour. I almost passed on this lipstick, which I bought off a fellow beauty junkie, because of its colour name: Mauve Quartz. Doesn't that sound like the name that you would give to a product that’s purple and shiny (or even frosty)?

Thankfully I Googled that colour name and discovered that "Mauve Quartz" was actually a lovely shade of brownish-pink so I agreed to buy it and now, after just four days of wear, it’s become my favourite lipstick.

Why? Because it looks amazing on me. The shade is like a slightly more intense version of my natural lip colour and as a result, when I wear it, I don’t look at all like I'm wearing lipstick. Instead, I look like I just happen to naturally have a really pretty lip colour.

The fact that it’s neither too matte nor too glossy adds to this “natural” look and also makes this lipstick super-versatile. By day, I can just wear it on its own while at night, I can wear it under a clear gloss to make it look a little more dramatic.

And not only does this product look great but it also feels great.  Pür Minerals claims that this product will leave lips feeling “…soft, supple and fully hydrated” and I couldn't agree more. Applying this lipstick feels like applying a lip balm and I swear I can feel its impressive ingredients list, which includes shea butter, vitamin E, jojoba oil and of course micronized minerals, among other things, working their magic as soon as this product hits my skin.

It's way more pink than mauve 
However, as much as I love this product, I will admit that it’s not perfect. While this lipstick looks and feels great, it’s not the best at staying in place. It doesn't even last through a glass of milk, let alone a meal, and yes, it will come off if you kiss someone while wearing it.

Thankfully, this item comes in a smaller-than-usual lipstick case that’s perfect for slipping in your pocket. And because this colour looks so natural on me, I can actually apply it without a mirror. Yeah!

I also like the small size because I feel that maybe, for the first time ever, I will use up a lipstick before I lose it. But don’t worry; this product isn't so small that you feel that you’re getting ripped off. At $16 a tube, it’s more than fairly priced.

Will I buy this again: I feel that there is a very strong chance that I will, especially since I now know that I can buy Pür Minerals products at Shoppers!

Should you buy it: Yes! What it lacks in staying power it makes up for in looks, texture and just overall quality. However, don't trust the swatches that you see on this page. Mauve Quartz looks nowhere near as brown as it does on that page and because of that, I don't trust any of the other swatches.


  1. wow! that swatch looks so sheer and glossy, both things I love in lip products! :)

  2. While it has some gloss to it, it's not super-glossy, making it a great "day time" lip product.