Friday, May 10, 2013

Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel

This is just a mini-review because I only had 5 ml of this product to test out. Thankfully, Clarins doesn’t make any claims about this product that involve lines like “After eight weeks of use…” No, this product is about more immediate results.

Clarins boasts that it “..tightens pores and ensures a long-lasting matte appearance.” It also markets this product as a night cream. Personally, I don’t really care about “long-lasting matte appearance” when I’m in bed so I used this cream in the morning and in the evening, before going out, as well as at night.

I wasn’t particularly wowed by the results though to be fair, I only got a few uses (about five) out of my sample and I was wearing it outside of the bedroom.  It did mattify my skin a bit when I first put it on but those results definitely didn’t last throughout the day. I also didn’t notice any change to how my pores looked.

What is absolute bull is the second half of this claim: “This creamy gel promotes an immediate “cooling” effect that turns into water on contact with the skin.” Uh, no, this product did not turn to water upon hitting my skin. It does though leave, “an invisible, silky film on the skin's surface.” (Yes, according to Clarins this product somehow turns to both water and a silky film upon touching skin).

I actually really liked the half-cream, half-gel feel of this product. While it did have some weight to it and did feel like it was moisturizing my skin, it also absorbed quickly and cleanly.

I do think this product did a good job at actually moisturizing my skin. I didn’t have any issues with dry skin while using it, nor did it cause any redness or irritation.

This cream does have a faint scent to it that I think I can best describe as “old lady perfume.” Thankfully it’s very, very faint and one that quickly disappears.

Would I buy this product: No. If it had lived up to its mattifying claims, I would certainly consider picking it up, despite its $50 price tag, but since it doesn’t, I’m passing on it.

Should you buy this product: While this cream does have a great texture, that’s about its only remarkable attribute. At $50, the price on this product is just too high for what you’re getting.

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